A Business Management System For Successful Work Habits

BUSINESS MANAGEMENT SYSTEM FOR SUCCESSFUL WORK HABITS8 STEPS1. HAVE A GREAT, WINNING PERCEPTION• Think big…• Have excitement, enthusiasm, it’s contagious• Sell yourself. Know how to break the ice. Use the rule of selling (call me)2. BE ON TOP OF TIME• If you aren’t early, you’re late• Time is money• Law of Timing
a. Wrong action, wrong time = disaster
b. Wrong action, right time = mistake
c. Right action, wrong time = resistance
d. Right action, right time = $ucce$$• Get a scheduler, begin to set an agenda• You must be busy to generate momentum3. BE PREPARED• Mentally
a. Don’t mistake the beginning for the end
b. Good perception of negatives to remain positive
c. Overcome procrastination (call me)
d. Nine No’s To A Yes, earn the yes by paying with the no’s
e. Have a follow up system, be persistent
f. Have a good spirit• Physically
a. Have tools for success
b. Office attitude, Manuals, Image
• Understand the Road to Success
o You can’t take everyone on the journey
o Not everyone will, not everyone should, not everyone can go• Lose to Win
o Decide what price you are willing to pay
o Law of Sacrifice: There is no $ucce$$ without sacrifice
o Pay now play later or play now, pay later4. WORK A FULL DAYa. You are the boss, don’t cheat your self
b. Prioritize your goals and execute by the minute and by the hour
c. Break up your day to manage it better.
d. Have flexibility in your approach
e. Hard work alone won’t kill you, you’ll pass out first
f. Motivation found = successfully bound5. WORK THE BUSINESS CORRECTLYa. Business is people first, not their vocation
b. Each person has value, and can lead you to success
c. Master the ability to get referrals
d. Collapse time frames6. DON’T LOSE YOUR ATTITUDEa. Safeguard your perception, especially from those closest to you
b. Thinking big provides the shortest distance to $ucce$$
c. Endure and persevere7. KNOW WHY YOU ARE HERE AND WHAT YOU ARE DOINGa. The field is a tool to learn the business
b. Have an action plan for your success
c. Have a huge why
d. Understand the stages of leadership development8. TAKE CONTROLa. Customers, situations, your future
b. You can’t be out of control and in control at the same time
c. Respect The Law of Timing
d. Those who are out of control, are in the control of those that aren’t out of control